Chicago Section Presents 2016 Awards

On December 9th the IEEE Chicago Section held an awards banquet in the Skyline room at the Midwest Conference Center.   Certificates of Appreciation were given to many volunteers as well as Plaque awarded to  a few for exemplary service.

Plaques were awarded to:

Vickie Peters – Chicago Section Chair July 2014 to January 2016.  Vickie lead many events including the Section Hackathon and the Fellows Gala.

Aslam Shahid & David Richardson

Aslam Shahid

Aslam Shahid – Professor at Lewis University.  Aslam has been teaching college and university classing in mathematics, computer science, information security and business for over 13 years.

Donald L. Sweeney & David Richardson

Donald L. Sweeney, President, DLS Electronic Systems

DLS Electronic Systems –  For over 25 years the DLS organization has supported the Chicago Chapter of the EMC Society.

Jerry Meyerhoff & David Richardson

Jerry Meyerhoff

Jerry Meyerhoff  –  IEEE member for over 25 years serving as an executive officer in EMC Chicago Chapter and liaison to many local technical schools and universities.

Roger Swanberg & David Richardson

Roger Swanberg

Roger Swanberg – IEEE member for over 40 years serving as an executive officer in EMC Chicago Chapter and supported many events including Section Symposiums and EMC Mini Symposiums.

Jennifer Slater & Davide Richardson

Jennifer Slater

Jennifer Slater – High School Sophmore.  FOr more than 6 years, Jennifer has been a leader and STEM mentor for elementary and high school students and has participated in the EMC Chicago Chapter Mini Symposium. In demonstrating her technical expertise, Jennifer is a role model to her peers.

IEEE 2016 Section Chair, David Richardson presented Certificates of appreciation to:

  • Bakul Banerjee, Section Vice-Chair and TEMS Chair
  • Jack Black, EMC Chicago Chapter Chair
  • Sunday David – Chicago State University Student Branch
  • Hemang Dhamija, Section Secretary
  • H. Robert Hoffman, EMC Chicago Chapter Treasurer
  • Constance Kelly, Education Activities Chair
  • Konrad Kaczmarski, Student Chapters
  • Sung Kim, IIT Student Branch
  • Mete Morris, IIT Student Branch President
  • Dan O’Sullivan, Membership Development Chair
  • Chardudatta Phatak, Student Chapters
  • Stephen Peters, Chicago Section Treasurer
  • Norman Phoenix, Science Kit for Public Libraries Distribution Manager
  • Peter Salerno, Recruiting and Webmaster
  • Lisa Schoedel, Women iIn Engineering Chair
  • Ben Sisserman, Oakton College Student Branch
  • Susanne Tedrick, Student Branch
  • William Xiao, Northwestern University Student Branch

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