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Welcome to Concordia University Chicago IEEE Student Chapter Club Page. We have started our student chapter branch since the Fall 2013 and have grown a lot with the IEEE Chicago Section. We participate in many competitions, conferences, presentations, and mentoring. During the school year and summer, we do mentoring with middle school age students and host a robotics camp during the summer and a school year tutoring on our campus. And above all with IEEE Student Chapter Branch, we also have the Computer Society and Women’s Engineering clubs on our campus as well!

In this page you will see all of our social media pages that are currently posted of what our club is doing, past pictures from conferences, our executive board officers, and many other resources from CUC. 

IEEE Adviser and President:

Adviser and Lead Role: Victor Govindaswamy

President of All Branches: Alex Hermansen

Past Leaders & Positions
  • Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
    • President: Michael Kalicki
    • Vice President: Raymond Smith
    • Secretary & Treasurer: Dan San Buenaventura
  • Fall 2014 – Spring 2015
    • President: Dan San Buenaventura
    • Vice President: Alex Scudiero
    • Secretary: Sofia Bustamante
    • Treasurer: Juan Silva
  • Fall 2015 – Spring 2016
    • President of Student Chapter: Dan San Buenaventura
    • Vice President of Student Chapter: Simeon Dyankov
    • Secretary of Student Chapter: Joseph Bayer
    • Treasurer of Student Chapter: Andrew Menke
    • Public Relations Director of Student Chapter: Ruth Hamgeri
    • Publicity Director of Student Chapter: Kimberly Salazar
    • Webmaster of Student Chapter: Frank Eberwin
    • President of Computer Society: Juan Silva
    • Vice President of Computer Society: Samuel Hermosillo
    • Secretary of Computer Society: Alex Hermansen
    • Treasurer of Computer Society: Will Suhrbur
    • Publicity Committee of Computer Society: Jacob Jancik
    • Program Committee of Computer Society: Nick Rittling
    • President of W.I.E.: Ruth Hamgeri
    • Vice President of W.I.E.: Kimberly Salazar
    • Secretary of W.I.E.: Hannah Gard
Social Media Sites School Site and Major

Please feel free to contact us with any additional information regarding the IEEE @ CUC or if you like to join our group, you can click on the link here: Get More Information Form.