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2015 – Now


SCANFAX 2007-2008 Chicago Section Year in Review

Articles include:

– Dollars and Records Crucial When Defending Patents
– Integrating Wind Power Into Existing Grids Can Be Tricky
– 2008 Washington Award Winner Tackles Technical Talent Shortage
– As Products Change, So Does Safety Testing
– Keeping One Step Ahead of the Spammers and Phishers
– VoIP: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet…
– Tomorrow’s Electric Grid Will Not Be Today’s




SCANFAX 2006-2007 Chicago Section Year in Review

Articles include:

— Chicago as the Center of Consumer Electronics
— This is War! – IIT Does Its Part
— Engineers’ Noblesse Oblige as the World’s Consummate Problem Solvers
— Telling Our Stories to Grow the Profession
— More Power to More Researchers
— Building Sustainable Energy Today
— Limousines, Motorcycles, and Other I-Pass Challenges
— Encryption’s Transformation from Bad to Good