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The move to hybrid and electric vehicles is changing the automotive industry. EVs on the roads are expected to grow to 35 million by 2030. The under-the-hood environment then changes dramatically from a hot environment (in the presence of an internal-combustion engine) to nearer the external ambient, and lifetime is expected to be 15 years. By contrast, mobile device environments and lifetimes are akin to consumer products — the smart-phone replacement cycle on average is now within two years, which is well inside any reasonable lifetime of consumer electronics. While we may imagine that mobile devices are not critical to life, there are enhanced difficulties in dealing with robustness and security issues when the end-goal is to deploy security-enhanced smart phones into military combat settings.
Reliability assurance for automotive electronics is more extensive than for mobiles and is aimed at ensuring that the ‘wearout’ tail of the bathtub reliability cycle does not intrude into the operational life of the electronics modules. Because 15-year-lifetimes are required, the assurance is obtained by a combination of Design Reviews, Manufacturing process controls and Accelerated ageing tests. Accelerated ageing applies proven methods of over-stress related to the actual environments the devices will encounter during operation. Establishing these test methods for the automotive market has spilled over to other hi-rel applications that are benefiting from the groundwork of the automotive community.
This webinar will elaborate on the details and illustrate the methods and solutions for delivering reliable products.



June 16
8:00 am - 9:00 am CDT
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