Job Responsibilities
• Develop, enhance, test, and maintain computational models for electrical components, with a focus on equivalent circuit battery models and battery characterization topics
• Work, within a mature platform and mathematical solution architecture, on projects focused on performance, scalability, user-friendliness of electrical circuit models
• Test computational models in the context of integrated simulations of real-life systems aimed at addressing customers’ product design, performance, and durability issues.
• Collaborate with other developers and application engineers on functional and I/O requirements and design of models. Adaptation of models to user requirements.
Education, Experience and Skills
• MS or PhD in electrical engineering
• 2 years of computational model development experience, in industry or R&D setting, with a focus on equivalent circuit battery modeling
• Hands-on experience with numerical algorithms commonly used for the solution of electrical systems: linear and non-linear equations, ODEs, DAEs, and Modified Nodal Analysis solution techniques
• Proficiency in Fortran or C/C++

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