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Current development in automotive electronics is driven by four major trends: Connectivity, Automation, Sharing and Electrification, or CASE. To fulfill the expectation of society, electronic components and systems are becoming more complex with a significant increase in functionality. All these trends create new technical challenges, such as new use-case conditions, extended usage due to driving and charging, transferring consumer-based technologies into an automotive harsh environment, etc. These challenges are consequently solved during the design and development phase of novel electronics products using the physics of failure reliability approach supported by simulations. The typical reliability approach is divided into the component-, board- and system level. Numerical simulations are used in a similar multi-stage fashion, transferring the information about loading conditions to specific testing scenarios. To fully rely on the simulation, validation of the numerical model is an important step. In this webinar, I will present an application of the piezoresistive stress sensor to monitor the stress state during different stages of reliability assessment, from component to ECU level.



July 21, 2022
8:00 am - 9:00 am CDT
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