IEEE Chicago was proud to be an exhibitor and continue our collaboration with FutureCon Events for the FutureCon Cybersecurity conference in Chicago!

Thanks to our  volunteers for helping with our table and spreading the word to the attendees about what IEEE Chicago does!

There are many benefits for the Chicago Section and IEEE members.

We reach out to non-IEEE members and tell them about the local technical events we host like cybersecurity and the value of being an IEEE member.

We reach out to those who have heard of the IEEE but have not attended an IEEE Chicago event.

IEEE members get to network with leaders in the cybersecurity field.

IEEE members have an opportunity to expand their knowledge of cybersecurity.

IEEE Table with volunteers

Biswaranjan Senapati, Alvin Chin, Brook Abegaz, Pete Salerno, & Connie Kelly

Alvin and Kim

Kim Hakim (FutureCon) & Alvin Chin

FutureCon Show floor
FutureCon Checkin desk