The Chicago Chapter IEEE PSES October 26, 2022, technical meeting featured Jim Bender, P.E., and his IEEE ISPCE 2022 presentation, Ethics in Engineering, Making the Right Choices. The presentation was unique in that meeting attendees had the opportunity to participate in “what would you do in this scenario?” exercises and think deeply about real-life situations we are likely to encounter. The presentation was very thought-provoking and included a lively discussion that led to new insight into engineering ethics and legal challenges as they relate to product development and certification. We covered some of the possible consequences of not doing what’s ethical and legal and how to manage a successful career as a compliance engineer.

Jim Bender, Senior Staff Engineer at Intertek is responsible for developing new product safety certification testing approaches for emerging technologies and applications, customer support in high technology safety certifications, mentoring professional engineering talent in product safety, and training and development. Jim is the current chair and co-founder of the North Texas IEEE PSES, a graduate of Purdue University (BSEE/MSE), and a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. He was recently appointed as the Vice President, Education for the IEEE Product Safety and Engineering Society’s Board of Governors.