The winners have been announced.  “Chicago 311” took top honors in the Professional category; “Graffiti Graph” won both the Collegiate and “Women who Code” categories; and “Home Health Care” place 1st in the k-12 category.  Awards will be presented at the IEEE Chicago Symposium on Thursday Nov 5th in Schaumburg , IL.

The Hackathon committee extends its thank to the judges who volunteered their time and to the sponsors: CVS Health, MRED, IEEE CS eGovSpecial Technical Community and the IEEE Chicago Section.

Graffiti Graph

1st Place:Graffiti Graph app screen
Collegiate Level
1st Place:
“Women who Code” Level

While often aesthetically engaging, graffiti is commonly used by gangs to mark their territory and is often used as a metric of gang activity. Quick response to cleaning up graffiti is a must for authorities and a process that civic technology can make more efficient.

Graffiti Graph is an idea for an app that would allow citizens to report graffiti to their local authorities from their phones by picture or via a discreet text if they wanted to avoid being seen as a snitch.

Chicago 311

1st Place:Chicago 311 app screen
Professional Level

Chicago311 app gives the user to post complaints about Abandon vehicles, Sanitizing issues, potholes, Street Light Missing.

Any user it may be visitor or resident can download the app and post a request regarding the issue in their vicinity. Users can actually click the picture of the situation and post it which gives the government get the idea of the situation more clearly and to take the action to solve it depending on the severity of the situation.

In this way People and government working together can solve the issues of Chicago and make the city better place to live.

Home Health Care

1st Place:Home Health Care app screen
K-12 Level

Home Health Care provides a directory of Home Health Care companies along with quick information and location of the company and user.

If a user needs medical attention and it’s either minor like a checkup or a shot they will be able to locate companies who provide the medial help they need without the hassle of leaving their home or even avoiding long waits.