We are announcing the finalist for the IEEE Land of Lincoln Hackathon.   This hackathon was launched as an opportunity to foster innovation from the academic and professional communities. The hackathon is supported by 4 key sponsors: CVS Health, MRED, IEEE CS eGovSpecial Technical Community and the IEEE Chicago Section.

This year’s hackathon goal is to raise awareness of public data found at data.illinois.gov to offer better services and enhance the quality of life for the citizens and consumers

The winners will be presented with their awards at the IEEE Chicago Section Symposium on Nov 5th.

App ID / App Name Team Name / LevelApp Description


Tree Talk
Tree Talk

Collegiate Level

This app uses the City of Urbana's tree database to query the trees that are actually closest to you and let you play a game with them.

More than 150 Americans live in areas that don't meet federal air requirements. Pollution from cars, corporations, and other carbon sources contributes to this. Thankfully, trees have our backs. They provide many meaningful environmental benefits, including improving air quality. Temperature management and cooling nearby areas Reduction of soil erosion and water pollution Emission of organic compounds that reduce ozone Energizing people with their natural beauty.

In this game, you will fight against the cars' pollution using trees near you!

Graffiti Graph
Graffiti Graph

Collegiate /l
“Women who code” Level
While often aesthetically engaging, graffiti is commonly used by gangs to mark their territory and is often used as a metric of gang activity. Quick response to cleaning up graffiti is a must for authorities and a process that civic technology can make more efficient.

Graffiti Graph is an idea for an app that would allow citizens to report graffiti to their local authorities from their phones by picture or via a discreet text if they wanted to avoid being seen as a snitch. However, the app's real magic is on the city's end, where it would plot reports and help cleanup crews identify the most efficient cleaning routes in order to ensure a strong response. It could also help organize intelligence on gang activity through image analysis of graffiti and even form predictive analysis.

The app could also be used as a platform to attract volunteers who could be trained to help clean up graffiti.

Online at graffitigraph.ga is a miniature demo of the idea, drawing data from the city off Rockford's open data set on their own graffiti abatement requests. Check it out and explore the data!

Chicago 311
Team: Garudzhep

Pro /
“Women who code” Level
Chicago311 app gives the user to post complaints about Abandon vehicles, Sanitizing issues,
potholes, Street Light Missing. Any user it may be visitor or resident can download the app and post a request regarding the issue in their vicinity. Users can actually click the picture of the situation and post it which gives the government get the idea of the situation more clearly and to take the action to solve it depending on the severity of the situation.

In this way People and government working together can solve the issues of Chicago and make the
city better place to live. As said if government and people work together any country or city can become the best place to live.

IEEE Land of Lincoln Hackathon App
Team: Biruk

K-12 Level
This app has multiple functions and features;

1. To determine your location and to guide you whereever you wish to go.

2. To show places that people should visit(currently from Chicago)

3. To check Airport status

4. To check traffic status

This app audencies might be people from any age, who wishes to use some of the featuers in this app.

It could be student, teenagers, adults, tourists or just anybody


Hospital Finder
Team: Unstoppable

K-12 Level
I created an App called ”Hospital Finder” because I wanted Illinois citizens and Paramedics to be able to find a quickest Hospital in the City in case of an emergency.

The problem that I want to solve is for citizens and paramedics to be able to find a Hospital in the fastest way possible.

When you are in a car or in a Ambulance every second matters for a life or death situation. This is why I created the app called”Hospital Finder”.

With this App I want to decrease the time it takes to search for an Hospital on your phone. This app is useful for searching for a Hospital nearest to you in seconds. Also with the closest hospital you find in this app. You can also look for information about the hospital like the type of hospital, zipcode, Phone Number and even the license number and expiration date.

All of this information was provide from data.Illinois.gov under IDPH Hospital Directory.

Some unique features that is app has is that the whole database information was based on the data.illinois.gov. Another unique feature was how I was able to use the search bar to search up a hospital base on the city that you put in the search bar.

For Example, If you put Chicago in the search bar then, A list of hospitals will be shown that are in Chicago.

Home Health Care
Team: Damian

Home Health Care provides a directory of Home Health Care companies along with quick information and location of the company and user.

The problem my app is solving is eliminating the need for unnecessary hospital visits. If a user needs medical attention and its either minor like a checkup or a shot they will be able to locate companies who provide the medial help they need without the hassle of leaving their home or even avoiding long waits.

Sometimes a trip to the hospital is more difficult than the visit itself. For example if my user is disabled, ill , or has no way of transportation they will find comfort with my app because it allows them to receive medical attention without it being difficult. I used the data from the IDPH Home Health Agency directory.

Also Home health care can be cheaper than normal hospital visits so im saving the user money by helping them locate a service that can help them. I located a few of the agency’s in a few different cities in Illinois.

Some unique features are that my App is really simple for people to use it won’t matter how tech savy you are because it’s really simple. Also I plan on enabling translation setting and an assistive reader for the disabled. I want my app to be able to be used by anyone so I plan on making it as accessible as possible

Illinois Health Care App
Team: CodeHawks

Collegiate Level
The Illinois Health Care app is dedicated to providing dynamic information on Hospitals, Surgery Centers,

Hospice Centers and Health Care Agencies in Illinois.

We have fetched data from the following data sets from https://data.illinois.gov

- IDHP Hospital Directory

- IDPH Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Directory

- IDPH Home Health Agencies Directory

- IDPH Hospice Directory

The app is convenient to use and provides quick access to emergency contact information and address

of every hospital and other health care centers in Illinois.