Members of the IEEE and Project Management Institute (PMI) gathered together at DeVry University in Downers Grove on Jan. 14th for an evening of knowledge sharing.

Cynthia Andersen opened the meeting and Dr. Bakul Banjaree facilitated a discussion on Risk Analysis for Software Reliability and Quality.

Bakul’s talk focused on major elements of software risk analysis, mainly on product aspects. Her presentation covered types of Software Development Life Cycle methodologies, risk elements, and tools for identifying and tracking risks. She also discussed how relevant standards IEEE/PMI standards including the Software Extension to the PMBOK 5th Edition (IEEE/PMI 2013), ISO/IEC 12207-2008, IEEE 730-2014 and IEEE 1633-2008 can be applied to understand and mitigate reliability and quality risks. The program ended with interactive discussions using the questions meeting participants submitted ahead of time.

Dr. Banerjee is the founder and principal consultant of Answer Technology, Illinois and is a member of PMI and IEEE where she chairs the Technology and Engineering Management Society Chicago Chapter. She is also a long-time member of the IEEE Standards Association, participating in the development of many Software and Systems Engineering standards.