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Next time you light a candle, take a moment to think about the possibility of electric cars. With more than 250 million gas-guzzling, polluting cars on the road, gas prices through the roof and global warming, the idea of a zero emissions battery-powered car is certainly desirable. Already, hybrid…



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Planned Events

27-30 August 2018 – IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference in Chicago

VTC2018-Fall will feature world-class plenary speakers, tutorials, technical as well as application sessions, and an innovative Industry Track, which will feature panels and presentations with industry leaders sharing their perspectives on the latest technologies.

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Past Chapter Meetings


Distributed Ledger Technology in Automotive
Joe Renz of New Mobility Lab                                              See the slides
The digital transformation of mobility and transportation has far reaching implications for consumers, industry and the public sector. Mobility is critical to economic and social development and must therefore be accessible and affordable to everyone. Driverless vehicles promise a leap in productivity, but at the same time threaten the industrial base and related jobs in view of digital business models, automation and new forms of ownership. At the same time, the digital transformation promises a future where mobility is not only sustainable and zero emission, but shared and available on demand in a highly customized fashion. Such personalization of mobility services rely on data and the ability to translate such data into products and services that consumer’s value. Data has become the ultimate control point and is at the center of emerging business models. What are the future business models in this emerging ecosystem of mobility?
Distributed Ledger Technology promises a future where personal identities and data can be protected. At the same time, identities and trust protocols enable a true P2P sharing economy without impacting privacy. It may enable data sharing across value chain participants in a way that puts consumers and commons in control of data and how it may be shared (and in exchange for what). Ultimately, the Distributed Ledgers promise to power not only humans, but autonomous fleets that create a self-governing marketplace of mobility and transportation services.
Jochen (Joe) is an Electronics Engineer from Stuttgart, Germany (Home of Mercedes, Bosch, Porsche, etc), and now resides in Chicago. After a 20-year corporate IT career at CA Technologies he co-founded New Mobility Lab in June 2016. Simply put, cars and IT are in his blood.
Joe understands the car as an important building block in the future of multi-modal mobility. However, much of disruptive innovation happens in the form of solutions around the car and in the broader mobility ecosystem – the System of Systems, where Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) play an instrumental role. Joe goes far beyond the car itself and takes a holistic view of the emerging smart mobility and transportation space aka New Mobility World which encompasses Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, E-Mobility, Urban Solutions, Mobility Services.
Joe advocates the opportunities DLT presents to data, mobility solutions but also to human kind in general.
State of the Industry in Autonomous Vehicles in Illinois
Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association
What is the state of the industry in autonomous vehicles in Illinois? We will explore this from legal, policy, infrastructure, and testing.


After a hiatus, the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Chicago chapter has resumed again. We will start our chapter meeting this year with a talk by Dr. Alvin Chin from BMW Technology Corporation who spoke about The Ultimate Smart Driving Machine: Powering the Connected Car with Machine Learning. Dr. Alvin Chin is the Chair of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Chicago chapter.

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The Vehicular Technology Society (VTS), Chicago Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) serves engineering and computer professionals in the twelve counties of the greater Chicago area. As part of the Chicago Section, the VTS Chapter provides a local interface to the worldwide network of the IEEE. In addition, the VTS Chapter organizes technical presentations, social events, and networking opportunities of interest to vehicular technology professionals.

For further information or to find out about volunteer opportunities contact Alvin Chin (alvin.chin@bmwna.com)


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